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ReNu® Stem Cell Therapy

An ideal injectable therapy would combine safe long term anti-inflammatory pain management and long term regenerative healing. The Center for Nonsurgical & Regenerative Orthopedics now offers the most sophisticated and powerful Stem Cell product on the market. ReNu is the only stem cell injection that combines the anti-inflammatory capacity of amniotic tissue with the regenerative power of fetal stem cells.

ReNu is a revolutionary noninvasive treatment in which human amniotic tissue and stem cells are injected into injured tissue to provide relief from pain and stimulate the body's natural healing process. This amniotic tissue contains fetal mesenchymal stem cells that help to regenerate damaged tissue such as cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. The growth factors in the amniotic tissue provide anti-inflammatory, anti-adhesive, and anti-microbial properties to the injured area and can significantly help reduce scarring for quicker healing. Amniotic tissue is also immune privileged, which means there is virtually no chance that your body will reject the treatment.

ReNu stem cells come from the amniotic membrane and fluid of donated placentas following normal childbirth. With the mother's consent, the amnion is removed and harvested from the placenta of pre-screened and tested donors. It is then sterilely processed and undergoes further rigorous testing to assure safety and efficacy. To be clear, while some people may have ethical issues with embryonic stem cell therapy, almost everyone agrees that the use of amniotic stem cell therapy raises no ethical or moral questions.

ReNu stem Cell Therapy
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