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Conventional Nonsurgical Treatments

Injury produces inflammation, and inflammation must be brought under control before healing and reconstruction of damaged tissue can begin.

Anti-inflammatory Medications

Anti-inflammatory medications are only able to reduce inflammation.

Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Medications (NSAIDs)

  • NSAIDs (for example, Motrin) work by interfering with the effectiveness of the inflammatory proteins released by activated cells at the injured site.
  • NSAIDs are disseminated throughout the body and so can potentially damage other organs (most commonly the stomach or kidneys).

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections are administered locally into the inflamed area.

There are two types of steroid injections based on duration of effect.

  1. Shorter acting steroid injections
    • produce temporary high concentrations in the injected area
    • can cause local tissue damage if too frequently used
    • can cause a significant increase in blood glucose level in diabetics
    • can cause skin discoloration at the site of injection
    • are not advisable at puberty
  2. Longer acting steroid injections (for example, Zilretta)
    • are designed specifically for joint injections
    • employ microscopic microspheres, containing the steroid, which attach to the joint capsule and release the steroid slowly over time into the joint
    • do not affect blood glucose levels in diabetics
    • do not disseminate outside the injected joint; therefore, no other organs are at risk


Viscosupplementation for joint pain lubricates the joint and helps to stabilize cartilage. Viscosupplementation is usually administered after short-acting steroids are no longer effective.

There are two types of viscosupplementation based on duration of effect.

  1. Shorter acting viscosupplementation (for example, Supartz)
    • average improvement lasts 2-6 months
    • one shot is given each week for three weeks
    • is more effective when given before severe arthritis sets in
  2. Longer acting viscosupplementation (for example, Monovisc)
    • average improvement lasts 4-12 months
    • is given as a single shot

Other Treatments

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy tailored to each specific diagnosis and designed to restore the patient to full recovery.


K-Laser delivers variable wave length therapy to deep tissues. It increases blood flow to the injured tissue, provides better oxygenation and faster resolution of edema which creates a favorable environment for biological healing after musculoskeletal injury. The treatment is locally targeted so that there are no systemic affects and is particularly good for relaxing tight muscles.

The treatment is usually painless and commonly provides immediate benefit.


We have an extensive array of therapeutic supportive devices for use when support and protection for the injured structure is needed to ensure more reliable and rapid healing. Improved support decreases the stress at the site of injury and so decreases inflammation.


These shoe inserts improve support for the foot in a shoe, and positively effect the mechanics and the function of proximal joints above the foot.

Orthopedic Cam Boots and Casting

Orthopedic cam boots and casting to offload and immobilize the injured limb, which often accelerates recovery.

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