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Meet R. Michael Graham, MD, of The Center for Nonsurgical & Regenerative Orthopedics
R. Michael Graham, MD

My name is Dr. R. Michael Graham, and I am the Medical Director of "The Center for Nonsurgical & Regenerative Orthopedics." We specialize in getting people better without surgery.

For the past 15 years, I have been a practicing orthopedic trauma surgeon with a subspecialty interest in Foot and Ankle reconstruction. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Orthopedics is a speciality that has always been driven by innovative technological change. Over the past 10 years, perhaps the most dramatic advances have been in the nonsurgical treatment of orthopaedic injuries and musculoskeletal pain. In many cases these advances have become so effective that nonsurgical treatments are now displacing many traditional surgical techniques to become the preferred primary form of treatment.

Major traumatic injuries such as an open fracture will always require surgery. But most orthopedic conditions are less severe and are due to either minor injury or to an overload condition that creates localized inflammation and pain. Recent advances in orthopedic research and development have dramatically improved the nonsurgical treatment for these less severe conditions.

Over the past several years, I have gradually incorporated a large variety of nonsurgical approaches into my treatment protocols. My patients and I have found these nonsurgical approaches to be increasingly effective. In most cases, patients are able to continue to work as the treatment progresses which is a terrific advantage over surgery. All of the treatments are performed "in office" which dramatically reduces the cost, is far more convenient and saves significant time for the patient.

I have found that getting people better without surgery gives me a sense of achievement that is as rewarding as surgery itself and the patients for good reason clearly prefer it. In the past several months, I have decided to stop performing surgery so that I can focus all of my interest and energy on these exciting, innovative and nonsurgical "in office" therapies.

If you would prefer to get better without surgery, please call and make an appointment. It would be my privilege to help you.

This is a nonsurgical orthopedic practice. Our goal is to get you better without surgery.